Target Archery

This is the shooting style you'll see at the Olympics, and is by far the most popular form of Archery.  There is a range of rounds where targets are placed a different distances from 10 yards out to 100 yards (or 90 metres for the metric rounds).  

Head over to the "Rounds" page for more information on the different distances, target sizes and scoring zones.

Clout Archery

 In this shooting style the idea is to hit a flag (known as the Clout) in the ground from a set distance.  Men, women and younger archers all have different set distances to shoot at ranging from 80 yards to 180 yards.

 We're lucky in that our field is long enough for us to be able to host Clout events on a regular basis!


Field Archery

Field Archery isn't a discipline we practice often at Burton Bridge Archers.  It's a very varied discipline that normally takes place in woodland where distances aren't marked and the targets are often 3D or printed animal targets.

Flight Archery

Flight is a discipline that involves space, a lot of space.  Because of that there aren't many opportunities to shoot this style in the UK, but the aim of this technique is to get your arrows to fly as far as possible while maintaining a 45 degree angle of aim.

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