Following its retirement as a weapon of war, the Longbow was developed into the recreational sport of archery in Victorian times. Shooting a longbow is a skilled and extremely satisfying form of archery, free from modern gadgets!

Read Longbow for Beginners for a great introduction to the art of longbow shooting, along with Wooden Arrow Folklore to learn all about the trials and tribulations of launching wooden sticks in the approximate direction of your target!


Essentially a recurve style bow with none of the fancy gadgets.  Shooting barebow is a step towards traditional archery techniques, while still using modern bows and materials.

Recurve (Freestyle)

An elegant weapon for a more civilised age, the Olympic or Recurve bow is the most popular choice for modern archers. Modern materials and accessories, such as sights, stabilisers and clickers, all help to produce an efficient and consistent shot.


Developed in the USA for hunting, the compound bow is a very powerful and accurate bow, utilising modern materials and technology. The use of cams on each limb result in a bow that is light to hold at full draw, but powerful on release.


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