Help and Advice

Our club is a friendly bunch, and whilst some are more experienced than others, we are all happy to help - all you have to do is ask!

For more specific help on improving and developing your shooting technique there are a good number of coaches and experienced members in the club to turn to. To make them easy for new members to spot, they will be wearing badges so you know they are happy to be pestered!

Across the club there is a huge wealth of experience and specialist knowledge, part of being in the club is being able to share it.

All you have to do is ask.

Formal Coaching 

If you are keen to work on your shooting more formally, leading to shooting competitively or simply for your own personal goals, we have a number of Archery GB trained coaches who are happy to help. Simply approach them to discuss what you are wanting to achieve, and arrange one-to-one sessions


ArcheryGB Qualified Coaches

Level 2 Coaches

Jan Creasey

Nigel Evans

Cliff Croft

Derek Jameson

Level 1 Coaches

Tim Roast

Glen Croft

Laura Evans

Ashley Parker


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